560 million Ticketmaster customer data for sale? – Week in security with Tony Anscombe


Ticketmaster seems to have experienced a data breach, with the ShinyHunters hacker group claiming to have exfiltrated 560 million customer data. Watch as Tony discusses the story and provides useful tips on how to protect people’s data.

Ticketmaster has reportedly been breached by a hacker group known as ShinyHunters, who claim to have exfiltrated 1.3 terabytes of personally identifiable information on 560 million Ticketmaster customers.

Live Nation Entertainment, Ticketmaster’s parent company, confirmed that they detected unauthorized activity on a third-party cloud database in a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Allegedly, the group is demanding a ransom payment of $500,000 to prevent the data from being sold on the dark web.

This breach comes on the heels of a US federal lawsuit that is targeting Ticketmaster and its parent company for monopolistic practices in the live music industry, controlling approximately 80% of all major entertainment ticket sales.

In the end, the real victims are the consumers, so watch out for any cybersecurity red flags and protect your credentials with multifactor authentication whenever you can.

Find out more about this story and ways to secure your credentials in Tony’s latest video.


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