665,000 Sands Lifestyle Members Affected

Marina Bay Sands recently fell victim to a data breach, with the personal information of 665,000 Sands Lifestyle rewards members compromised. This Marina Bay Sands data breach, which occurred on October 19 and 20, has unfortunately risked the member details, including sensitive data.

Paul Town, Chief Operating Officer of Marina Bay Sands, addressed the Marina Bay Sands cyberattack in a letter to members, clarifying that the Marina Bay Sands data breach pertains specifically to the non-casino Sands Lifestyle Rewards program, and not the Sands Rewards Club. 

Town reassured members that the company has found no evidence of the unauthorized third party misusing the accessed data to harm customers.

Marina Bay Sands data breach decoded

Marina Bay Sands Stock Photo by Nextvoyage on Pexels

Swift action was taken by Marina Bay Sands upon discovering the cyberattack on Sands LifeStyle members. An immediate investigation was launched, in collaboration with a prominent external cybersecurity firm. The company also implemented measures to fortify its systems and safeguard data, underscoring its commitment to protecting its members’ information.

In a conversation with TCE, a Marina Bay Sands spokesperson said, “Marina Bay Sands became aware of a data security incident on 20 October 2023 involving unauthorized access on 19 and 20 October 2023 to some of our customers’ loyalty programme membership data”.

“Upon discovery of the incident, our teams immediately took action to resolve it. Investigations have since determined that an unknown third party accessed customer data of about 665,000 non-casino rewards programme members”, added the spokesperson. 

Cyberattack on Sands LifeStyle members

Marina Bay Sands has been forthcoming in its cooperation with relevant authorities, both in Singapore and other affected countries, to assist in their inquiries regarding this Marina Bay Sands data breach.

While investigations have confirmed unauthorized access to the data of non-casino rewards program members, data from the casino rewards program remains unaffected.

“We will be reaching out to Sands LifeStyle loyalty programme members and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this incident. We have reported it to the relevant authorities in Singapore and other countries where applicable and are working with them in their inquiries into the issue”, said Marina Bay Sands in a statement. 

This is an ongoing story and TCE is closely monitoring the situation. As the situation evolves, rest assured that we will provide the latest information on the Marina Bay Sands data breach.

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