A Roadmap to Secure Connected Cars: Charting the WP.29’s UN Regulation No. 155

Connected cars are now on the way to becoming a regular part of everyday traffic all over the world. How should stakeholders make these vehicles more secure? The regulatory framework created by WP.29, UN Regulation No. 155 (UN R155), provides a guide, giving directions towards a safer path for connected cars moving forward.

Our research paper, “Identifying Cybersecurity Focus Areas in Connected Cars Based on WP.29 UN R155 Attack Vectors and Beyond,” focuses on the attack vectors defined in UN R155. We do so by putting each vector through the process of threat modeling. The result should help stakeholders identify which threats to prioritize. We also take a broader look at the landscape by predicting the evolution of these attack vectors and discussing other focus areas outside the scope of the proposal.


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