Alert For Fraud And Security Vigilance

The official website of Paris 2024 has issued a crucial warning to stakeholders, revealing a surge in fraudulent activities targeting restaurants and catering businesses in France.

According to the notice, several individuals and companies are falsely posing as authorized representatives of PARIS 2024 and its official hospitality service provider, On Location.

The perpetrators are attempting to illicitly obtain payments for counterfeit Paris 2024-labeled services, such as the rental of vendor stands at Olympic sites.

PARIS 2024 and On Location are urging utmost vigilance from the public and have taken proactive steps to address this issue. In case of any doubt, stakeholders are encouraged to reach out to the PARIS 2024 team via [email protected] and On Location via [email protected].

To combat these fraudulent activities, both PARIS 2024 and On Location have filed criminal complaints, collaborating closely with public authorities responsible for investigating such matters.

Paris 2024: Security Preparations and Contingency Plans Unveiled

As the countdown to the Paris Olympics 2024 continues, organizers are not only contending with fraudulent activities but are also addressing security concerns. French President Emmanuel Macron recently revealed contingency plans for the Olympics opening ceremony, acknowledging the possibility of relocation in the event of a major security alert.

With heightened security measures in place since October, following a knife attack in northern France, organizers are prepared for various risk scenarios. Paris 2024 said in a statement to Reuters, “We have contingency plans for all identified risk scenarios: heatwaves, cyber attacks, and the ceremony is no exception.”

Looking ahead to the Summer Olympic Games scheduled from July 26th to August 11th, Paris 2024 organizers are gearing up to handle potential cybersecurity threats and terrorism. The high-profile status of the grand opening ceremony has led to increased vigilance against cyberattacks and security breaches.

Anticipating over 4 billion viewers, 10 million spectators, 20,000 journalists, and 15,000 athletes from 206 countries, organizers are keenly aware of the risks posed by cybercriminals, hacktivists, and state actors. Despite successfully averting 450 million cyberattacks during the Tokyo Games in 2021, Paris 2024 organizers are preparing for approximately 3.5 billion cyberattacks.

Meticulous Security Protocol and Readiness

The security protocol for Paris 2024 involves private security tenders, with plans to enlist between 17,000 to 22,000 agents daily. For the opening ceremony, 2,000 security personnel will be specifically allocated, securing the area along the Seine River and expected to draw 600,000 spectators.

Paris 2024 is also addressing the challenge of misinformation, issuing a warning after French security agencies identified an Azerbaijani misinformation operation targeting the event’s credibility.

As the city prepares to host the Olympics, the delicate balance between safety and spectacle is evident in the meticulous security preparations undertaken by Paris 2024, ensuring a secure and memorable event for participants and spectators alike.

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