Binance KYC Data Breach: Accounts Secure Amid Rumors

Binance, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, has become embroiled in controversy amid claims of a possible KYC data breach emerging from a threat actor’s post on dark web.

Speculation within the cryptocurrency sphere indicates that confidential user data, such as full names, countries, and phone numbers, has emerged on the dark web, allegedly up for sale.

Binance promptly addressed the situation, adamantly refuting any suggestion of a breach within its systems and assuring users of the security of their accounts.

A spokesperson from Binance’s security team confirmed this to The Cyber Express team, emphasizing that thorough assessments had been conducted, affirming the absence of any leaks from Binance’s systems.

Binance KYC Data Breach Claims Refuted 

“Our security team has assessed this – as they do all potential threats – and have confirmed there is no such leak from Binance systems,” a spokesperson from Binance’s security team told The Cyber Express.

Adding that the accounts remain safe, they said, “Accounts are secured through many defenses, including MFA, biometrics, authenticators, etc. As always, we appreciate anyone sharing potential bugs and security issues with us so we can investigate and, where necessary, take action to protect users.”

The company stated that following a comprehensive assessment, no evidence of the Binance KYC data breach was discovered.

They emphasized that user accounts remain protected through a range of defenses, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), biometrics, and authenticators.

Binance Data Breach on Dark Web

The Binance KYC data breach came to light when a threat actor named ‘jinx88’ shared a post on the dark web, pertaining to the alleged breach.

Source: otteroooo on X

The threat actor post reads, “Selling Binance Verified Users leads containing Name, Country and Phone number. The authenticity of data can be easily checked by trying to log in with the phone number on or by calling the user. There is data available worldwide, you can ask me for the country you’re interested in. The majority are Tier 1 English speakers.”

Despite the circulating rumors, Binance has urged users to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities, reaffirming its dedication to ensuring a secure trading environment for all users.

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