BlackBasta Ransomware Attack: Multiple Victims Listed

The BlackBasta ransomware group has expanded its dark web portfolio by adding three new victims to its list of cyberattacks. The announcement of this alleged BlackBasta ransomware attack was listed on the dark web forum where the threat actors have claimed similar attacks in the past.

The affected entities include Graebener Bipolar Plate Technologies in Germany, NALS Apartment Homes, and Leonard’s Express in the United States.

BlackBasta Ransomware Attack: Three Alleged Victims Added

Source: Twitter

Graebener Bipolar Plate Technologies, a pioneer in the development of manufacturing technologies for bipolar plates, finds itself at the center of the BlackBasta threat actor’s attention.

NALS Apartment Homes, a real estate investment firm managing over 15,000 apartment homes across 15 markets, and Leonard’s Express, a family-owned transportation provider with a nationwide footprint, are also grappling with the aftermath of the alleged BlackBasta ransomware attack.

Source: Twitter

The threat actor’s message, ominously titled “GO GRAEBENER,” sheds light on the critical nature of the targeted organizations’ operations. Graebener Bipolar Plate Technologies, for instance, plays a crucial role in the clean energy sector, focusing on fuel cells and electrolyzers.

Source: Twitter

Despite the gravity of the situation, organizations affected by the BlackBasta ransomware attack, including Graebener Bipolar Plate Technologies, NALS Apartment Homes, and Leonard’s Express, have not released official statements or responses at the time of writing.

This silence leaves the claims of the cyber threat actors unverified and raises questions about the extent of the damage caused.

The BlackBasta Ransomware Group Attack Spree

To gain further insights into these BlackBasta ransomware attacks, The Cyber Express attempted to reach out to the affected organizations. However, as of now, no official communication has been received, leaving the situation surrounding the BlackBasta ransomware attack shrouded in uncertainty.

Recent research from Corvus Insurance and blockchain analytics vendor Elliptic sheds light on the alarming scale of BlackBasta’s criminal activities. Over the past year and a half, the ransomware group has reportedly amassed more than $107 million in ransom payments from over 90 victims. BlackBasta is identified as the “fourth-most active strain of ransomware by the number of victims in 2022-2023”, reported Elliptic.

The group’s notoriety became evident in 2022 when it targeted more than 329 victims, including well-known entities like Capita, ABB, and Dish Network. Dish Network reportedly paid the ransom demand following a large outage. According to the report, at least 35% of the known BlackBasta victims paid a ransom, aligning with the broader trend of increasing ransom payments observed in 2022.

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