BlackCat Claims Cyberattack On SAED International

SAED International, a prominent Saudi Closed Joint Stock Company specializing in manpower services, has become the latest target of the notorious BlackCat ransomware group. The cybercriminals, known for their audacious attacks, claimed a cyberattack on SAED International, leaving the global business community on high alert.

The cyberattack on SAED International was posted by the threat actor on their dark web channels where they’ve claimed similar data breaches in the past. The ransomware group have a history of claiming data breaches via this method and it seems SAED International is one of the alleged victim of their cyber assault.

Decoding the Cyberattack on SAED International

SAED International, founded in 2014 with a capital of SAR 100 million, operates as a comprehensive B2B and B2C solution for domestic labor needs across diverse economic sectors.

The extent of the breach, data compromise, and the motive behind the cyberattack on SAED International remain undisclosed, shrouded in mystery as the hacker group keeps their cards close to the chest.

The Cyber Express Team sought to verify the claims by reaching out to SAED’s official representatives. However, as of the writing of this report, no official response has been received, leaving the authenticity of the cyberattack on SAED International in question.

Surprisingly, the official website of SAED remains fully functional, casting doubt on the legitimacy of the ransomware group’s SAED International cyberattack claim.

Global Cyber Battlefield: BlackCat’s Notorious History

This SAED International cyberattack marks a concerning pattern for the BlackCat ransomware group, who previously made headlines in December 2023 for targeting Ho Chi Minh City Energy Company in Vietnam. Despite the gravity of their threats, the affected organizations’ websites, including SAED’s, continue to operate without immediate signs of compromise.

The BlackCat ransomware group’s nefarious activities are not new to the cybersecurity world. In December, the U.S. Department of Justice celebrated a significant breakthrough in disrupting the group, revealing their involvement in over 1,000 cyberattacks globally.

The FBI played a pivotal role in developing a decryption tool, distributed to more than 500 victims, as part of the operation. However, the celebration was short-lived, as the BlackCat group quickly reestablished control of their operations, sending a chilling message directed at the FBI.

The recent SAED International cyberattack highlights the resilience of this cyber threat, leaving the cybersecurity community on edge and prompting questions about the true extent of the disruption caused by the DOJ’s initial intervention.

As the global business landscape grapples with the ongoing cybersecurity challenges posed by groups like BlackCat, the urgency for enhanced digital defenses and international collaboration becomes more apparent than ever.

The cybersecurity community awaits official statements from SAED International to unravel the motives behind this latest attack and assess the potential risks posed by the BlackCat ransomware group.

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