Cairo International Airport Cyberattack By Anonymous Collective

Anonymous Collective hacker group has claimed Cairo International Airport cyberattack in their latest campaign. The Cairo International Airport is allegedly grappling with a relentless Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack orchestrated by the infamous threat actor.

This incident, now spanning over 25 hours, marks the most extensive cyber assault on any Egyptian airport to date.

The airport’s digital infrastructure, including its website and mobile application, remains allegedly crippled, with losses amounting to millions of dollars.

Anonymous Collective, in a bold statement, asserts that the Cairo International Airport DDoS attack is a response to Egypt’s perceived support for Israel in the Gaza conflict.

The motive underscores the intensity of the situation, shedding light on the broader geopolitical tensions in the region.

The Cairo International Airport cyberattack: What we know so far!

Source: Twitter

The Anonymous Collective’s message, delivered through their Telegram channel, highlights the gravity of the situation.

The Cairo Airport company app and website have allegedly been offline for over 20 hours, showcasing the severity of the Cairo International Airport DDoS attack.

Notably, the email system has also fallen victim to the attack, exacerbating the overall impact on the airport’s operations.

In a public declaration, the threat actor emphasized that the attack is complete, having achieved its objectives.

The prolonged downtime of essential digital services at Cairo International Airport, including the website, app, and email systems, underscores the disruptive power of the assault.

The Cyber Express sought official confirmation from Cairo International Airport regarding the Cairo International Airport cyberattack.

However, as of now, no official statements or responses have been issued, leaving the claims unverified. The lack of communication raises questions about the extent of the impact and the measures being taken to mitigate the situation.

Anonymous Collective hacker group asserts attacks

The threat actor’s post on their Telegram channel remains defiant, reiterating that the Cairo Airport is still offline after 25 hours.

The message emphasizes the severity of the situation, framing it as the largest cyber attack against an Egyptian airport. 

It is crucial to clarify that Anonymous Collective should not be confused with the hacktivist group “Anonymous.” Despite claims of the website being down, The Cyber Express investigation revealed that the Cairo International Airport website was operational and showed no signs of the reported cyberattack at the time of verification.

While Anonymous Collective insists on the success of its cyber campaign against Cairo International Airport, the actual impact remains a subject of uncertainty.

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