Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH): Certification cost, training, and value

  • Information security analyst/administrator
  • Information assurance security officer
  • Information security manager/specialist
  • Information systems security engineer/manager
  • Information security professionals/officers
  • Information security/IT auditors
  • Risk/threat/vulnerability analyst
  • System administrators
  • Network administrators and engineers

This is, of course, over and above jobs that actually have “ethical hacker” or “penetration testing” or the like in their title, which are more glamorous but also rarer. In practice, even network and security admins and analysts who don’t do full-time penetration testing can benefit from a CEH credential, as they may find it helpful to assess the security of their organization’s infrastructure through a hacker’s eyes.

CEH salary

Again, it’s difficult to show a direct correlation between an individual getting a CEH certification and getting a raise. But it’s clear that many of the jobs associated with CEH holders pay well. As of 2024, ZipRecruiter pegs the average US salary of an ethical hacker at nearly $135,269 a year.

But what about the certification itself? The InfoSec institute estimates that the average salary for CEH holders from a variety of sources ranges from $96,580 and $107,577, with entry level at $72,000 and experienced ethical hackers earning upward of $200,000.

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