Deep Instinct takes a prevention-first approach to stopping ransomware and other malware using deep learning • Graham Cluley

Graham Cluley Security News is sponsored this week by the folks at Deep Instinct. Thanks to the great team there for their support!

Deep Instinct protects the data of the world’s largest brands by delivering on the promise of threat prevention with the only cybersecurity platform fully powered by Deep Learning.​

We have pioneered predictive prevention to anticipate an attacker’s next move before they make it to stop ransomware, zero-days, and unknown threats before they ever get started.

We do this everywhere malicious files are trying to infiltrate your network in the cloud and on-prem including applications, storage and endpoints.

Our multilayered predictive prevention platform:​

  • Prevents threats with >99% efficacy (online or offline)
  • Yields the industry’s lowest
  • Renders verdict in
  • Scales to the needs of the largest enterprises while protecting data privacy

Our predictive prevention platform integrates anywhere (Applications, CyberStorage, Endpoints) in your environment to:​

  • Reduce the risk of business disruption and data loss
  • Improve SOC operational efficienc
  • Protect brand reputation

Unlike reactive, legacy AV and reactive, detection and response solutions who might serve a purpose but perpetuate a false sense of security because they:​

  • Cannot evolve to stop the volume and velocity of threats as a result of generative AI
  • Often fail to detect unknown threats until they have landed in your environment
  • Are too slow to prevent zero day and ransomware threats before your data has been exfiltrated

Learn more about Deep Instinct, and see how Gartner gives it high marks for innovation.

If you’re interested in sponsoring my site for a week, and reaching an IT-savvy audience that cares about cybersecurity, you can find more information here.

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