Deepfake Video Of Lisa, Member Of BLACKPINK Goes Viral

Two months ago in September, BLACKPINK’s Lisa concluded her performance at Crazy Horse Paris, but now, the “MONEY” singer is grappling with issues related to a deepfake video. Recently, the internet has seen a surge in a Deepfake video of Lisa from her Crazy Horse Paris show.

This altered video was created using deep fake technology to distort Lisa’s image, crafting a false version of her performance. Complicating matters is Crazy Horse Paris’s strict policy against the use of electronic devices, like cell phones, during shows.

Lisa is a member of BLACKPINK, which is a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment. Her full name is Lalisa Manoban, and she is known for being the main dancer, lead rapper, and a vocalist in the group.

Deepfake Video of Lisa Leaked

The deepfake video featuring Lisa has sparked outrage among netizens, who are upset with the misuse of such technology.

Fans are now rallying to protect Lisa’s reputation, seeking legal avenues to halt the spread of the fake content and footage circulating online. They are worried that these contentious materials could be used to slander the idol.

Amidst uncertainty about BLACKPINK’s contract renewal with YG Entertainment, questions loom over the group’s future. Speculation is rife about whether the K-pop ensemble will disband or move forward with a different agency. Their last group performance took place during the Born Pink world tour, their most lucrative event to date.

Who is Lisa?

Lisa is a member of South Korea’s largest K-pop girl group, BLACKPINK. Rose, Jennie, and Jisoo make up the other members. The group just dropped a song called “Ready for Love,” which served as a marketing piece for their collaboration with the video game PUBG.

Additionally, BLACKPINK took home an MTV VMA for Best Choreography for their album Pink Venom. The group’s future, however, is still hotly contested since there has been no official word on whether or not YG Entertainment would extend BLACKPINK’s contract. We’re waiting on an official announcement from the team on this front.

How to Protect Against Deepfake Videos?

Numerous deepfake incidents have emerged, with the most recent ones involving Indian actresses Rashmika Mandanna and Katrina Kaif. This increases concerns over the technology’s misuse.

While celebrities may manage deepfake controversies with PR support, it’s much harder for the general public to defend against these fabricated videos, which can be exploited for blackmail and extortion. However, there are ways to address this issue. is an organization that works towards protecting individuals from such fake and edited videos. One can simply log in to the website and upload the content as per the instructions provided on their website, and answer questions regarding age, category of video, etc. Based on these details, they work to remove such content from the internet.

A division of SWGfL, a global nonprofit organization, advocates that technology should be used for everyone’s advantage and without causing damage. Established in the year 2000, SWGfL collaborates with numerous global partners and stakeholders to safeguard individuals on the Internet.

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