Donald Trump Dead Tweets Trump Jr Hacked Twitter Account

Trump Jr Hacked!

The Twitter account belonging to the son of former US President Donald Trump was hacked on Wednesday, with a string of unusual posts suddenly appearing on the timeline.

Following the Donald Trump Jr Twitter hack, Among the tweets, one startling message falsely reported the passing of Donald Trump, accompanied by an announcement claiming that Donald John Trump Jr., an American activist and the former president’s son, would be running in the 2024 US elections.

Following the rapid spread of these tweets on social media, doubts arose about their authenticity, leading to suspicions of a potential account breach.

Subsequently, the tweets have been removed, and it appears that security measures have been taken to safeguard the account.

Trump Jr hacked

Other tweets in the series made references to North Korea, Jeffrey Epstein, and US President Joe Biden. However, these were shortly removed from the platform.

Donald Trump himself took to Twitter to refute the false tweets, asserting that he was very much alive.

Twitter Account of Donald Trump Jr hacked!

Further, Editor-in-Chief of The National Pulse Raheem Kassam stated that he confirmed that the account had been hacked and the said tweets were untrue.

However, the incident has sparked a multitude of reactions, particularly within the cybersecurity sector, as experts emphasize the seriousness of the issue.

Alon Gal, CTO at Hudson Rock, a cybercrime intelligence company, took to LinkedIn to share the growing concern over the rampant nature of such Twitter breaches.

“Donald Trump Jr’s Twitter account was just hacked, these Twitter hacks are out of control,” he wrote while stating that Telecommunications companies and Twitter was to be blamed for such breaches.

“Who is at fault:

1. Telecom companies for enabling sim swapping at such ridiculous ease.

2. Twitter for not having an additional layer of security for prominent figures.

While these breaches of prominent figures are typically carried out to promote crypto scams simply for flexing, in the wrong hands, a coordinated hack involving several strategic figures could lead to political or military disasters,” read Alon’s post.

Highlighting the seriousness of such security incidents where accounts of prominent leaders can get hacked, Alon wrote, “Just imagine the psychological operation (psyop) that could happen in a scenario where Biden, Trump, and several congress / military figures get hacked simultaneously and insinuate WW3 is starting.”

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