Ministry Of Public Works And Housing Cyber Attack By Garnesia

The hacktivist group Garnesia Team has identified an Indonesian government website as its target, leaving their motives open to speculation.

The website in question was associated with the Indonesian Ministry of Public Works and Housing. However, there hasn’t been any official confirmation or notification regarding a cyber attack on the ministry.

Translated from the Indonesian text, Kementerian Pekerjaan Umum Dan Perumahan Rakyat, the government website of the Ministry of Works and Public Housing was accessible when checked by The Cyber Express team.

We emailed the officials to comment on the alleged Ministry of Public Works and Housing cyber attack. We will update this report based on their response.

Indonesian Ministry of Public Works and Housing Cyber Attack

Attack claim by Garnesia Team (Photo: Falcon Feeds/ Twitter)

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing cyber attack was conducted by Garnesia Team, a group claiming to champion the rights of Muslims. They targeted Indian websites alongside various Indonesian hacktivists.

The cyber attack on an Indonesian entity raises suspicions about the affiliations of the hackers, especially when targeting websites within their own country.

The Garnesia Team posted the Checkhost link to check the current status of the website after they launched a cyber attack on the Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

Threat Intelligence service, Falcon Feeds tweeted the above screenshot of the message posted by Garnesia Team. The tweet mentioned a DDoS attack on the Ministry of Public Works and Housing of Indonesia.

Cyber Attacks by Garnesia Team

Screenshot of cyber attack on Millions Wellness (Photo: Anonymous hackers/ Twitter)

Earlier, the Garnesia Team collaborated with Jambi Cyber Team, Team Insane PK, Ketapang Gray-Hat Team, and others and launched a defacement attack on Millions Wellness – ( an Indian website.

The defaced website displayed a message left by the hacktivists, and the above screenshot was shared on Twitter by the hacking group Anonymous. It read, “Hacked by Mr.Heckers Ft. /RizkullSec.” Their email was mentioned to be [email protected]

A blog published by the Threat Intelligence platform Falcon Feeds detailed the modus operandi of hacktivists especially those who tried disrupting services during the two-day G20 Summit 2023 which was held in India.

The blog stated, “There are about 40 threat actor organizations that are actively coordinating assaults against the Indian region; the majority of these operations are claimed by the Hizbullah Cyber Team, then Team Insane Pakistan, Ganosec Team, and Indonesian hacktivists.”

“It was later joined by Pakistan-backed groups like Team Insane Pk and other religious group hacktivists like FR3DENS OF SECURITY, Hizbullah Cyber Team, etc.,” the blog further added.

The researchers observed nearly 54 attack attempts on September 8. This number doubled that next day reaching 152 incidents. On September 10 they observed 213 cyber incidents.

The hacktivists launched a cyber attack on another Indonesian websites.

Cyber attack post by Garnesia Team (Photo: Falcon Feeds/ Twitter)

It creates suspicion about why the same hackers would target Indonesian Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Indian websites, and the French Ministry of Justice with a cyber attack.

All this while fighting for the Muslim people and for their equal rights and treatment in countries like India, France and others.

The DDoS attacks and defacement of websites by these hacktivist groups show that they do not intend to leak data however want to fulfil a promise made for the sake of a motive. In this case, it remains the rights of Muslim people.

OpIndia, OpFrance, and OpIsrael, are a few of the operations that the hacktivists launched their attacks against. In such campaigns, they call upon hackers with similar grudges to finish tasks entrusted to them. These tasks are often assigned on Telegram.

Media Disclaimer: This report is based on internal and external research obtained through various means. The information provided is for reference purposes only, and users bear full responsibility for their reliance on it. The Cyber Express assumes no liability for the accuracy or consequences of using this information.

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