Most interesting products to see at RSAC 2024

Legit Security software compliance attestation trust center

Legit Security introduced a software compliance attestation trust center, which by using frameworks such as SLSA, PCI DSS, SOC2, and ISO 27001, helps teams quickly assess the state of a software security program to identify gaps that create risk. The trust center also supports new CISA requirements. It includes out-of-the-box controls and automated validation, customizations defined by customers to enable precise compliance reporting, captures and enables users to export required data by using compliance frameworks to determine status when attesting to CISA or other security frameworks, continuous compliance and faster remediation and new dashboard and reporting capabilities. Legit Security will be at RSAC booth 0232. cloud access security broker’s CASB Neural is a cloud access security broker (CASB) powered by deep learning AI. The product utilizes LLMs to restrict risky SaaS usage and improve DLP by identifying and comprehending externally shared sensitive documents. CASB Neural is designed to identify, extract and understand all externally shared files and display an LLM-generated classification summary when content is sensitive. This enables organizations to identify exposed sensitive data and enables customers to review and/or unshare the data.

Orca Security, ModePUSH digital forensics

Orca Security in partnership with ModePUSH launched cloud digital forensics and incident response services designed to enable organizations to quickly understand and respond to breaches or compromises across their cloud estates and application layers. This is done by using intelligence from the Orca Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP). 

The integrated capabilities combine data from Orca’s SideScanning snapshots with cloud provider audit logs and third-party agents to detect suspicious activity, potential compromises, or advanced threats. Orca Security will be at RSAC booth 1627.

Sevco updates security platform

Sevco Security has updated its platform with new capabilities that proactively prioritize, automate, and validate the remediation of exposures, including software and environmental vulnerabilities like missing security tools and IT hygiene issues. A new remediation analytics dashboard enables security leaders to view detailed real-time tracking of issues by date with timestamps when issues surface, when action is taken, and when remediation is complete. Cybersecurity teams gain quantifiable insights to manage remediation programs, highlighting where efforts are working and where they aren’t.

Semperis launches identity threat detection and response

Semperis Lightning Identity Runtime Protection (IRP) is an identity threat detection and response (ITDR) product that uses machine learning models to detect widespread and successful attack patterns such as password spray, credential stuffing, other brute force attacks, and risky anomalies. Part of the Semperis Lightning platform, IRP uses algorithms trained on Semperis’ experience to detect sophisticated identity attacks. Semperis CEO Mickey Bresman will be on The Cost of Innovation: Complexities of Software Regulation panel on Tuesday, May 7.

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