New Israeli startup to help organizations deal with GenAI-related risks

Israeli cybersecurity platform Aim Security has put together a SaaS offering tailored specifically against enterprise risks associated with the use of generative AI (GenAI) tools.

The offering is aimed at providing collective visibility, detection, enforcement, and protection against GenAI risks spanning varied enterprise use cases: public GenAI, enterprise GenAI (like Microsoft Copilot), and homegrown GenAI.

“Aim is a one-stop-shop GenAI security platform, whether it’s for apps and products built in-house, third-party applications used by enterprises, or apps used directly by employees, that allow businesses to securely use their private data with GenAI,” said Matan Getz, CEO, and co-founder at Aim Security. “As companies adopt various types of GenAI tools, and as the number of tools grows, Aim is there to scale with them.”

Aim was founded by Getz and Adir Gruss who serves as the company’s chief technology officer. Getz and Gruss were both part of a veteran cybersecurity team at Israeli Defence Force (IDF’s) elite Intelligence Unit 8200.

“Aim’s proactive approach to security works to educate us on the right way to leverage GenAI, ensures acceptable use, and enhances our company’s decision-making capabilities – so it’s more than another security tool in our stack,” said Drew Robertson, CISO of Finance of America. “Once we deployed Aim’s platform, we gained granular visibility in spots that were previously limited, I was able to see how GenAI is used and what data is shared on it. These insights helped me drive more GenAI adoption rather than inhibit it – helping business scale, securely.”

SaaS for all GenAI risks

Aim’s GenAI security platform is designed to cover a range of enterprise use cases. It supports public GenAI tools, such as chatbots, used within the organization that can lead to data leakage and privacy violations. Enterprise GenAI (tailor-made AI tools for organisational usage) such as AI copilots and homegrown GenAI applications are also included within Aim’s protection.

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