NHS Pleads For O Blood-type Donors After Attack

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is urgently appealing for O blood-type donors across England after a ransomware attack affected several major London hospitals. The cyberattack caused significant disruption on the hospitals’ ability to match patients’ blood types, leading to an increased demand for O-positive and O-negative blood donations, which are safe for all patients.

The public health institution is asking donors of these blood types to book appointments at any of the 25 NHS blood donor centers in England in order to boost limited stocks and ensure the availability of essential blood supplies to patients.

NHS Blood and Transplant’s Urgent Appeal for Blood Donations

The recent cyberattack on the pathology firm Synnovis, believed to have been orchestrated by the Russian cybercriminal group Qilin, caused significant disruption to several London hospitals. As a result, affected hospitals have been unable to match patients’ blood at the usual rates, leading to the declaration of a critical incident and the cancellation of scheduled blood transfusions.

Gail Miflin, chief medical officer at NHS Blood and Transplant, emphasized the importance of O blood-type donations during this critical time. She called on existing O blood donors to book urgent appointments and encouraged potential new donors to find out their blood type and contribute to solving the shortage.

During NHS National Blood Week, it was revealed that hospitals require three blood donations every minute. With around 13,000 appointments available nationwide this week, and 3,400 specifically in London, there are many opportunity for donors to come forward and contribute to blood availability.

Stephen Powis, the medical director for NHS England, praised the resilience of NHS staff amid the cyberattack and urged eligible donors to come forward to one of the 13,000 available appointments in NHS blood donor centers across the country.

To learn more and find details on how to donate, interested individuals are encouraged to search ‘GiveBlood’ online and on social media or visit


Impact of the Cyberattack on London Hospitals

Several prominent London hospitals, including the King’s College Hospital, Guy’s and St Thomas’, the Royal Brompton, and the Evelina London Children’s Hospital, declared a critical incident following the cyberattack on the pathology firm Synnovis, which provides blood-testing facilities to these hospitals and several others in southeast London.

The attack forced hospital staff to cancel health procedures such as cancer surgeries and transplants due to the unavailability of blood transfusion services after facing severe disruption. In a statement on its official website, an NHS London spokesperson stressed the importance of pathology services to health treatment procedures:

“NHS staff are working around the clock to minimise the significant disruption to patient care following the ransomware cyber-attack and we are sorry to all those who have been impacted. Pathology services are integral to a wide range of treatments and we know that a number of operations and appointments have been cancelled due to this attack. We are still working with hospitals and local GP services to fully assess the disruption, and ensure the data is accurate. In the meantime our advice to patients remains, if you have not been contacted please do continue to attend your appointments.”

A senior NHS manager disclosed to the Health Service Journal (HSJ) that the incident was “everyone’s worst nightmare.” As blood has a limited shelf life of 35 days, it is critical that these hospital stocks are continually replenished. More units of O-negative and O-positive blood will be required over the coming weeks to accommodate an anticipated increase in surgeries and procedures due to earlier delays.

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