Raising Funds For Threat Actors

GhostSec, the hacktivist group known for its support of cyber threat actors and activists, continues to expand its activities in 2024. GhostSec 2024 plans and initiatives involve raising funds to help anonymize the identities of activists and hacktivists involved in various causes.

The group launched a new project called Low Cost Database, aimed at gathering funds to support individuals operating under false identities or seeking asylum due to their involvement in what they perceive as noble causes. 

Source: Cyble

Unlike publicly leaked databases, GhostSec 2024 plans claim that the data offered through this project is sourced from collaborators, and they have provided a Telegram handle for collaboration.

GhostSec 2024 Plans: Raising Funds for ‘Low-Cost-Database’ Project

Cyble Research and Intelligence Labs (CRIL) recently reported about GhostSec’s Telegram channel, which has garnered 2,600 subscribers. The threat actor has already offered 28 datasets ranging from $40 to USD 70. These datasets affect organizations in countries such as India, Japan, Vietnam, and others.

Source: Cyble

This project is just one of GhostSec 2024 activities supporting activists and hacktivists. In the past, the group launched projects like NewBlood, aimed at educating newcomers in hacking, and WeFreeInternet, providing free VPN services to activists in restricted regions like Iran.

Source: Cyble

However, GhostSec’s actions have also came into the spotlight due to their involvement in leaking Personally Identifiable Information (PII) multiple times.

While the group claims these actions are for social causes, the leaked data can be exploited by both activists and fraudsters for identity theft, posing a cybercrime risk.

Source: Cyble

Multiple Threat Actors Exhibiting Similar Patterns

Source: Twitter

In addition to GhostSec, other hacktivist groups like KillNet 2.0 have emerged, challenging conventional hierarchies in the hacker community. KillNet 2.0 emphasizes a decentralized structure and hardcore, targeted actions, reflecting a growing trend of hacktivism on a global scale.

Despite their differing approaches, these groups share a common goal of using technology to advance social and political causes. However, their activities raise concerns about the anonymity of threat actors and the potential for malicious actions.

To address these challenges, cybersecurity professionals stress the need for international cooperation and vigilance. Anonymity makes it difficult to attribute cyberattacks and track contemporary threats, highlighting the importance of better cybersecurity measures and collaboration among law enforcement agencies.

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