RansomedVC Hacker Group’s Surprising Sale And Shift

The notorious RansomedVC hacker group has made an announcement – they are putting themselves up for sale. The group, known for its audacious cyber exploits, expressed a desire to part ways with their operations due to concerns over increased federal scrutiny. This move has left both the cybersecurity community and the wider public intrigued and perplexed.

The announcement of the RansomedVC on sale came in the form of a statement from the group, stating, “I do not want to continue being monitored by federal agencies and I would wish to sell the project to someone who will want to continue it. We are selling everything.” 

This includes a comprehensive package featuring domains, a powerful ransomware builder, custom source code, and access to affiliate groups, among other assets.

Claims of RansomedVC Hacker Group on Sale

Source: Twitter

The announcement was made on the RansomedVC hacker group’s data leak channel where they announced that they would sell the entire operation and part ways with the hacking community. 

Shortly after the announcement, cybersecurity expert Dominic Alvieri shed light on RansomedVC’s decision. He received a response from an individual known as Mr. Evil Rabbit, who shared his own experience attempting to engage in negotiations with the RansomedVC hacker group.

Source: Twitter

Mr. Evil Rabbit revealed that he had evidence of an unsuccessful attempt by the RansomedVC hacker group to scam him out of $5,000. This revelation adds an intriguing layer to the already confusing situation.

For weeks leading up to this surprising development, the RansomedVC hacker group had been exploring alternative avenues, aiming to distance themselves from their traditional hacking practices. 

Offering Pen Testing Services and RansomedVC on sale 

Source: Twitter

One such venture was the introduction of a pen testing service, a move rarely associated with groups of this nature. 

The introduction of the pen testing service by RansomedVC has baffled experts in the cybersecurity field. 

While individual hackers have been known to offer such services through platforms like Linkedin and Twitter, a renowned ransomware group delving into this domain is highly unconventional. 

The motives behind this shift remain shrouded in mystery, leaving many to speculate about the group’s true intentions.

The decision by the RansomedVC hacker group to put themselves up for sale and explore legitimate security assessment services marks a drastic shift in their operations. 

This is an ongoing story and The Cyber Express is monitoring the situation of RansomedVC on sale and we will update this post once we have more information on the matter. 

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