Red Sift adds protection against phishing, BEC, and brand abuse

Additionally, Red Sift attack surface management (ASM) application scans domains, subdomains, hosts, and IP addresses, and cloud accounts to identify mismanaged or unmanaged assets. For this, the offering connects customers to “cloud providers, certificate authorities, registrars, and managed DNS providers to import and monitor all of their assets.”

Phishing and BEC protection have been added

Red Siff OnDMARC promises to protect organizations against phishing and BEC attacks through a proprietary domain-based message authentication, reporting, and conformance (DMARC) offering.

The OnDMARC offering will combine industry standards including DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), sender policy framework (SPF), and brand indicators for message identification (BIMI) for authentication, configuration, and management.

The fourth application, Red Sift Certificates is designed to maintain steady operations by stopping PKI-related downtime, the system that governs the issuance of digital certificates to encrypted data. The offering achieves this by identifying certificates with a proprietary certificate monitoring technology.

“We know that if security teams are going to deal with their regulatory burden and operational overhead both now and in the future, they need solutions that integrate with their workflow and the tools already in place to give them more leverage,” Rahul Powar, chief executive officer, Red Sift, said in a press note. “With our new application suite, we’re automating and integrating these complex and tedious workflows in a manner that helps organizations have a more proactive stance on security.”

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