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Review of the data leakage of the Avatier Develops Software

Hello community. Today is Avatier data leakage. A few words about the company: “Nfounded in 1997, Avatier Develops Software and Delivers Services that Automate it Operations. Their Identity Management Automates It Operations and Corpoles Pliance of User Provisioning, Identity Access Management, and More. In the information security sector to his customers, but is not able to ensure the security and protection of their own data, as well as the data of the entrusted to them by customers. The leak also includes personal data of employees and the data of large corporations to which Avatier provided services. I am sure that this data leak will find its consumer. Watch my video review, and if you are interested in loading data leakage for independent study. As always, you can download the data in any way convenient for you from my site or channel telegrams. Traditional gratitude to Avatier management for the data provided. Do not save on information security. Always yours. Robert.

I remind you that I am providing all data from the public segment of the Internet solely for the purpose of familiarizing myself with possible information security problems. I am not engaged in illegal activities and I do not advise you. If any data block is unavailable, please let me know in the comments.

Master password = OSINT_without_borders

We apologize for the inconvenience, at the moment, downloading data leaks for independent study is available only from the telegram of the project channel. The link to the telegram channel is under this post. We are working to eliminate the problem

And of course my telegram channel

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