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Review of the data leakage of the Bevan Group

Hello community. Do you prefer cars of which brand ? More precisely, which country of production? If they are British, then this article is for you. It will also be interesting to all manufacturers of car bodies. Today we have an overview of a major data leak by the Bevan Group. A few words about the company itself: “Founded in 1976, the Bevan Group company is a leading British supplier of commercial vehicle bodies, producing more than 60 commercial vehicle bodies every week. Bevan Group consists of five main companies: Busan Car Bodies, A&R Vehicle Services, After care Response, Graphics Depot and Supertruses.” There is a lot of design documentation, financial statements, employee and customer data in this data leak. There is something to study in more detail. As always, you can download this data leak from my website and telegram channel. All links are on the site. Traditionally, I thank the management of Bevan Group for the lack of information security, which allowed us to immerse ourselves in the world of car body manufacturing. Don’t skimp on information security. Always yours. Robert.

I remind you that I am providing all data from the public segment of the Internet solely for the purpose of familiarizing myself with possible information security problems. I am not engaged in illegal activities and I do not advise you. If any data block is unavailable, please let me know in the comments.

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Bevan Group Leak

Torrent Bevan Group Leak

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