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Review of the data leakage of the Comision Nacional De Valores

Hello community. Today we have an overview of a data leak that will become a hit. Comision Nacional De Valores. The state body of Argentina, however, a few words about the company itself: ” Regulatory agency in charge of authorizing IPOs and securing compliance by market participants with federal securities laws in the Argentine Republic. It supervises brokerage firms, issuers, stock exchanges, mutual funds and credit rating agencies. It is a member of IOSCO ” Researched the documents of this company, a lot of data on financial regulation schemes, including those marked secret. The data leak contains sql databases that I did not consider in my video review, you can do it yourself. I am sure that this data leak will find its consumer. Watch my video review, and if you are interested, download the data leak for self-study. As always, you can download the data in any way you like from my website or telegram channel. Traditional thanks to the management of Comision Nacional De Valores and the Government of Argentina for the data provided. Don’t skimp on information security. Always yours. Robert.

I remind you that I am providing all data from the public segment of the Internet solely for the purpose of familiarizing myself with possible information security problems. I am not engaged in illegal activities and I do not advise you. If any data block is unavailable, please let me know in the comments.

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Comision Nacional De Valores Leak

Torrent Comision Nacional De Valores

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