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Review of the data leakage of the Jockey Club

Hello community. Today is Jockey Club’s data leakage. A few words about the company itself: “Jockey Club – Founded on April 15, 1882. He is Engaged in the Administration of the Argentine Racetrack, Develops the Regulation of Racing, IS a block E Elite of Argentina. The Main Office Is Located at 1702 Ave Bernabe Marquez, San Isidro, Buenos Aires, 1642, Argentina “There are a lot of personal data of employees in the data leakage, including certificates, rights, banking cards, personal photos, access to records of video chambers of the security system, photos of the territory, access to access to electronic correspondence, akauts of employees, their full list of composition and questionnaires, corporate photos, financial documents and contracts of the company, as well as the amount of deposits and rates made by the elite members of the club, I doubt that they know about it, because they were guaranteed confidentiality, so I would I did not recommend you to join the club, unless of course there is no desire to tell everyone how much you put on your favorite horse last Sunday. I am sure that this data leak will find its consumer. Watch my video review, and if you are interested in downloading data leakage for self -setting. As always, you can download the data in any way convenient for you from my site or telegram of the channel. Traditional gratitude to the Jockey Club management for the data provided. Do not save on information security. Always yours. Robert.

I remind you that I am providing all data from the public segment of the Internet solely for the purpose of familiarizing myself with possible information security problems. I am not engaged in illegal activities and I do not advise you. If any data block is unavailable, please let me know in the comments.

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