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At Sophos, we are committed to advocating for girls’ rights and gender equality, and to inspire positive change across the globe. So, today (October 11) we are proud to celebrate International Day of the Girl.

Our Sophos Women in Technology (SWiT) Network is marking the day by highlighting our efforts to encourage young women to explore a career in tech, shining a spotlight on some of our incredible female interns, and inviting our global team to take part in a host of activities and events across Sophos this October.

Three rising stars of Sophos, interns Hamna Ahmad, Nikitha Shanmugasundaram, and Julia Kunikowska, have shared their collective experiences on embarking on a career in tech and the challenges and highlights of their journey into cybersecurity. We asked them what steps they took to prepare for a career in technology…


“I adopted a holistic approach that combined formal education with practical experiences and networking opportunities. While foundational knowledge was acquired through my studies at GCSEs, A-levels, and university, I supplemented this academic trajectory with real-world exposure.”

Hamna Ahmad, Intern ESG Development






“I did a lot of codecademy courses, watched a lot of YouTube tutorials, and tried making my million-dollar game ideas that I never finished.. Although I must admit the best practice is choosing a project and working towards completing it, as that allows you to learn something new that you end up using in other projects.”

Julia Kunikowska, Software Engineer ESG Development






“I recommend starting with an understanding of the fundamental syntax of a language like Python. Then, apply that knowledge to tangible projects to gain practical experience. This approach allows for continuous learning while simultaneously witnessing your project come to life!”

Nikitha Shanmugasundaram, Intern ESG Development





Across the globe, our regional SWiT teams are organizing a host of activities to encourage girls to consider and explore a career in tech:

  • In the US, our team has recorded a series of short videos featuring some of our current women in tech on their thoughts on pursuing a career in tech, and to share their experiences and advice externally to those considering a path into cybersecurity and beyond.
  • In the UK, the team is hosting a “Brilliant Breakfast” in return for donations to the Prince’s Trust, which raises funds to help disadvantaged young women get into work, education, or training. The team is also hosting an “Ask Us Anything” event, featuring questions from our employees’ young female family members and friends to a dedicated Sophos panel and which is also being shared with local schools.
  • Our team in India has organized a “Day of the Girl Coffee and Connect” session. India employees have been invited to bring along their young female family members and friends to hear from three internal speakers on their professional journeys, and to take part in an interactive Q&A session.
  • In Canada, the team continues its sterling efforts to engage with local schools through a sponsorship program. The Americas Support team, in conjunction with SWiT, has created bursaries at four different schools across Canada to develop programs to introduce girls to technology in high school.

International Day of the Girl is recognized annually on October 11 to raise awareness of gender inequality faced by girls worldwide, including access to education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, and protection from discrimination, violence against women, and forced child marriage.

Our Sophos Women in Technology Network is just one of a number of diversity and inclusion networks that are central to the inclusive culture at Sophos. Find out more about our networks on the Sophos careers website.


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