Stoney Creek Furniture Cyberattack Claimed By MEDUSA

Stoney Creek Furniture, a well-known retailer, has reportedly been targeted by the infamous MEDUSA ransomware group. The Stoney Creek Furniture cyberattack was claimed by the hacker collective via the dark web, accompanied by a threatening ultimatum of four days.

Despite claims from the hackers regarding the cyberattack on Stoney Creek Furniture, the company’s website remains fully operational, showing no visible signs of disruption. Furthermore, details regarding the nature of the cyberattack and its specific impact on the company’s operations have not been disclosed.

In an attempt to verify the incident, The Cyber Express has contacted the company for comment. However, as of now, no official response has been received, leaving the purported cyberattack on Stoney Creek Furniture unverified.

Stoney Creek Furniture Cyberattack: What We Know So Far

In a recent post, the hacker collective shared the details of the company, accompanied by a four-day deadline. Additionally, the post mentioned an unspecified amount of $20,000 without further clarification.

Stoney Creek Furniture began as a humble store in Stoney Creek, Canada, over 50 years ago and has since grown into one of the country’s largest furniture showrooms. The company takes pride in its stylish showroom, knowledgeable salespeople, and commitment to helping customers find furnishings and accessories that enhance their lifestyle.

Compounding the confusion is the lack of specific information regarding the type of attack and the extent of its impact on Stoney Creek Furniture’s operations. The absence of official statements from the company has only fueled uncertainty, leaving the situation in the dark about the true nature of the situation.

Modus Operandi of the MEDUSA Ransomware Group

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