Swedish Retail Giant In Crisis

Imagine your local supermarket turning into a digital horror scene. Well, that’s what’s happening in Värmland county, where Coop, a big supermarket chain in Sweden, is facing a nasty cyberattack.

The magnitude of the Coop cyberattack is so severe that the supermarket giant’s payment checkouts have been rendered useless, throwing the entire store into a state of disarray.

Coop shared that a company they work with got hit by a digital attack, making their checkout systems stop working.

Coop Cyberattack Details

Coop Sweden, covering about 20% of the grocery market, said sorry for the situation and promised to fix things quickly. Coop runs lots of grocery stores owned by the people in Sweden, and Coop Värmland is owned by around 300,000 folks in that county, running 44 big supermarkets and 15 smaller ones.

Adding to the mystery, in December, a group known as Cactus claimed responsibility for the ransomware attack on Coop. Despite this revelation, the Cactus group has not disclosed the extent of the data they accessed or the amount of money they are demanding. Notably, this cybercriminal group has a history of targeting significant entities, including a major real estate company named Americold.

Meanwhile, Coop Sweden has chosen to remain silent regarding the hacker’s identity and the details of the hacking method employed. The shroud of secrecy surrounding these aspects deepens the intrigue surrounding the cyberattack on Coop.

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