Teleport’s new offering to help reduce attack response times

Cloud infrastructure and access management firm Teleport announced that it is adding a new identity governance and security offering to its identity-native infrastructure access management platform, which is designed to protect enterprises from privileged access cyberattacks.

Teleport identity governance and security, the company said, will help reduce attack response times by providing customers a control plane mapped with every access point and identity used in the organization.

“The launch of Teleport Identity Governance and Security comes as cloud cyberattack patterns are in a state of flux,” said the company in a press statement. Attackers shifting focus to “exploiting cloud users and service credentials has left organizations of all sizes without a unified solution that controls and manages identities across all users, services, and protocols.”

The new offering is already available as an add-on to the existing “enterprise” subscription to the platform.

New offering auto-provision access

Teleport identity governance and security offering is designed to replace the mix of credentials-based authorization methods organizations heavily use today with password-less and certificate-based access. According to the company, this allows detailed auditing and session recording with fine-grained authorization down to a single container or device.

“We’ve long known that passwords are an insecure form of authentication. That’s why the industry is rapidly transitioning to passwordless authentication,” said Jack Poller, an analyst at ESG. “Whether biometrics such as facial and fingerprint recognition used by iOS and Android devices and Windows Hello, or FIDO passkeys, or certificate-based, passwordless authentication is generally considered to be phishing-resistant.”

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