Western Isles Council Cyberattack: Investigation Ongoing

Local authorities have uncovered a significant disruption in the IT systems of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, the local authority of the Western Isles. Officials suspect that a ransomware attack may be the cause of the IT system outage affecting the council. The purported Western Isles Council cyberattack came to light on a Tuesday when the council’s website was reported to be offline.

Initially, it was perceived as a minor IT-related problem, but subsequent investigations revealed a substantial system outage. The cyberattack on the Western Isles Council has also affected access to their systems.

Western Isles Council Cyberattack

Dell, an American based technology company, and the Scottish government have joined forces to assist Comhairle nan Eilean Siar in addressing the cyberattack on the Western Isles Council.

The Council provided an update through “X” (formerly Twitter), stating, “The Comhairle is now engaging with Scottish Government and taking professional advice to establish the root cause of the incident and identify necessary actions.”

Credit: @cne_siar on “X”

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar’s IT system has been severely disrupted, and authorities are investigating the incident with the assistance of professional experts to determine the root cause of the outage.

The alleged Western Isles Council cyberattack is believed to be the cause of the widespread disruption to the council’s IT systems.

“The current priority is to restore and secure data and ensure the continued delivery of services to those in our communities who need them most. Work is underway to redirect public phone numbers which will allow key services to be contacted.”

The council has committed to providing regular updates to the public on the progress of their efforts and to disseminating any relevant information regarding any further impacts on service delivery.

“We will update the public regularly on the progression of this work and provide details of any further impacts to service delivery.”

In the meantime, temporary contact numbers have been issued until the council’s IT systems are fully restored. 

Social Care and Social Work Services can now be reached at the following temporary phone numbers: Taigh Shiphoirt & Bremner Court can be contacted at 07768236573. Harris House can be reached at 07970907715 or 07866915384. Trianaid can be contacted at 07903212541.

TACUN’s temporary number is 07773624546. Residents requiring assistance from these social services are advised to call the numbers listed until the council’s regular phone lines are restored.

The council expressed gratitude for the community’s patience and understanding during this disruption and assured that every effort is being made to address the issue promptly.

In the wake of the Western Isles Council cyberattack, authorities are diligently working to restore their IT systems and secure essential data. As the investigation unfolds, the focus remains on delivering vital services to the local community.

The Western Isles Council cyberattack underscores the persistent cybersecurity challenges faced by local authorities, highlighting the need for comprehensive protection measures in an increasingly digital world. Regular updates will keep the public informed of the progress and any further impact on service delivery as the situation develops.

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